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An energy center and up to eight satellite charging devices in its orbit

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The modular structure in the main cabinet and the lack of a power module will not affect the charging speed. If a power module fails, the unit will warn that the charging speed will decrease.

Maximum Reliability

The maximum power for a single charging point is 180 kW.

Power can be distributed according to the needs of the vehicle. If the car needs 50KW, only the power of 50KW is delivered.

Intelligent power distribution

The charging module and power distribution module are installed in the main cabinet, and the charging terminal device (satellite) is only responsible for communication between the vehicle and the charger.

Can be installed in small spaces

The main charging cabinet is installed separately from the charging terminal (satellite), the terminals do not emit acoustic noise due to power or cooling elements. Suitable for noise sensitive areas such as schools, communities and offices.

No acoustic impact

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