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DOGMA AC-22 is a 22 kW alternating current charging station, available with both female socket and cable and CCS-2 plug from 2 to 7 meters


Maximum charging power 22 kW (but can also recharge at 3.5, 7 and 11 kW)

Recharge fleets

For charging fleets of commercial electric vehicles

Residential areas

Residential areas such as apartments and homes


Garages of office buildings, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels etc.

Dogma AC -22

Data sheet

Phase number


AC mains power supply:


AC Output Power:

AC Output Current:

Connector Type:

Mechanical operating life of the connector::

Single phase

HP20116/HP20116B | HP20132/HP20132B

230VAC, 50/60Hz

3 wires - L1, N, PE

3.5 kW | 7kW

16A | 32A

IEC 62196-2, Type 2 plug +5m charging cable

≥10000 cycles


HP20316/HP20316B | HP20332/HP20332B

400VAC, 50/60Hz

5 wires - L1, L2, L3, N , PE

11kW | 22kW

16A | 32A

IEC 62196-2, Type 2 plug +5m charging cable

≥10000 cycles

User interface and control

Charging control:


connection interface:

OCPP protocol:

APP, physical key (Optional), RFID Card, dynamic CSMS (optional)

4 LED -Power/Connected/Recharged/Fault

Wifi (2.4/5GHz) or physical key

OCPP 1.6 (via Wifi and RS485)

User interface and control

Storage temperature:

Operating Temperature:

Operating Humidity:


-40 - 75°C ambient

-30 - 55°C ambient

> 95%



IP Protection:

Short circuit protection:

Overload protection:

Differential protection:

Soil protection:

-40 - 75°C ambient

-30 - 55°C ambient

> 95%


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